the word savior means nothing when you're left all alone and the people you tried to save are [d e a d]

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"That night I lost you, I lost something inside me. Or perhaps several things. Something central to my existence, the very support for who I am as a person." - Haruki Murakami (via ahealingheart)

           Thank you for
                          s m i l i n g.

                                                                   Thank you for the times you’ve
                                                                                                          т̲α̲ℓ̲к̲є̲∂̲ ̲т̲σ̲ ̲м̲є̲

                                                      Thank you for being 
                                                                   so kind.

Does seeing Nagato in Yahiko's body ever.... bother you any?

He wasn’t necessarily inside, but rather… manipulating. Using. Controlling Yahiko’s corpse as if it were a mere puppet with his Rinnegan. It wasn’t the same as the past. She was fighting with a corpse… her best friend’s… 

"It did, but it was not my choice, nor did I have a say in the decision." 

loving you was red.